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Host Hair

Hosts love ridiculous hair. It looks like a cross between Glam Rock hair and the protagonists of every Square Enix RPG ever created. The reason I say it’s ridiculous is because the amount of hair spray that goes into making it is  responsible for the holes in the Ozone layer more than emissions from hybrid vehicles. […]

Nude N’ Rude Clothing

Yesterday I went shopping in Marui One Shinjuku, an alternative fashion department store that will unfortunately be closing at the end of September (29th) 2013. Some of the brands from the store will move to one floor of the nearby Marui Annex building, but there will definitely be a lot less choice. This is a […]

Biohazard The Real

When I tried to search for information about Biohazard the Real online, there really wasn’t much there, so I decided to make this blog, and maybe help people who want to get to the second stage. Biohazard the Real is a live action version of the Resident Evil games (called Biohazard in Japan) currently running […]