Biohazard The Real

When I tried to search for information about Biohazard the Real online, there really wasn’t much there, so I decided to make this blog, and maybe help people who want to get to the second stage.

Biohazard the Real is a live action version of the Resident Evil games (called Biohazard in Japan) currently running at Universal Studios Japan. Day tickets to USJ are 6600 yen, and food and drinks inside are expensive, as expected from a theme park. Although we got to the park 20 minutes before the scheduled opening, there were already thousands of people there, and they were letting people into the park. If you want to get free on the day tickets for Biohazard, I suggest getting there before the park opens.

After getting in, you just walk straight until you see a building with Biohazard ads on the left (9 on the map below), and turn right. There will be a staff member with the U.B.C.S. uniform holding a sign indicating the end of the queue. The building with the E on the map is where they give out the tickets.



It took us about 40 minutes for the first queue and about an hour for the second one (you can queue as many times as you want, until they run out of tickets for the day. We only managed to get 2 pairs). They only give out one ticket per person in the queue, so you can’t pick up extra tickets for your friends. The tickets have a 30 minute window during which you should go to the Palace theatre. It’s to the right of the Spiderman ride, above number 3 on the map.


There you queue for a while and are then split into 2 groups of 7 or 8 people, depending on the numbers. One group goes through a door on the right, which leads to the police station (We are still debating this because if you look at the map they give you below, we went through the door to the hospital, but the layout of the way we went felt more like the police station – we went through 2 doors and it’s the only stage with doors). We were put into this group twice. It just depends on where you are in the line, but you might be able to ask to go the other way if you want. We thought we would have a bigger chance of getting to the second stage if we went the way we knew, so we didn’t try. The other group gets to go through the hospital.

Before entering the respective stages, you go through the gun shop and are given a gun attached to a health sensor that you need to put on your arm. The health meter is the same as in the games – it goes from green (healthy) to flashing green, orange, flashing orange, flashing red and red (dead). The gun has a limited number of bullets – 30, which is waaaay more than you will need, unless you’re an idiot (don’t worry, I ran out on my first go too haha). You can read a little more about the rules in the survival guide below, which they give out to pass the time while you’re queuing, and which mainly ended up being used as a fan (it was pretty damn hot). After everyone in your group puts on the sensors, off you go.



 Next, I will give a detailed description of what we encounter where, so if you want this to be a surprise, please skip to the Survival Strategy.


When we first went in, there was a narrow corridor to the right and some barrels to the left. There’s nothing behind the barrels, but a zombie in the corridor to the right. It is there to distract you from the licker that will come from the top of the corridor. Don’t worry, it stays up there, but will take a few shots to leave you alone and will also reappear at the other end of the corridor. Stay low and go past the downed zombie as fast as you can. After the corridor turns in a U. The wall in the middle will have a window with a zombie in it so stay to the right. The corridor will twist a few more times and there will be some zombies up ahead, so take your time, but not too much. If you are moving too slowly, the zombies you shot will come back up to try to get you to move. This is not good for your health sensor.

Go through the door and at the end of a short corridor there will be some metal bars where a zombie will appear. Just shoot it and go on past. There will be a hunter near some barrels to the right, so keep a safe distance and put him down. Go through the next door and you will be met by a U.B.C.S. member and there will be a short scene with Nemesis. After this room is you sensor check. I think if you are green or orange, they let you go to the second stage, or it might be green only. We didn’t do well enough to get there both times, but at least we weren’t dead the second time.

Our friends told us that they got to go through the other first stage twice. They also didn’t make it to the second one. They said that their stage had Mr. X, so I think it’s safe to say that Tyrant is in stage 2. I think he’s just asleep along with all the other zombies because no one ever gets to them. Best job ever.

Survival Strategy

Your health meter goes down if you get too close to a zombie. Knowing where they will come from helps, but it’s still tricky to avoid infection. The second time, my health went down to flashing red, but I managed to stay alive for the rest of the stage by keeping my gun arm away from the creatures. It might be a good idea to duck from the licker, and go past the downed zombies as quickly as possible. Again, if you stay around too long the zombies you killed will come back and come at you from behind to get you to move. If this happens, you will die. This happened to us the first time because the “macho macho” men that were leading our group were too scared to go forward. I also got screwed by some idiot schoolgirls the second time because 4 of them got in front of me and blocked my way (the corridors are pretty tight). They were damn useless, but the girl in the middle got through with a green sensor, so if you’re up for some self sacrifice you could get 1 person in your group through if you form a circle around them. Of course the schoolgirl refused to go to the second stage by herself. When you are going to queue for the Palace theatre, if you don’t have a group of 7 or 8, it might be a good idea to hang back and stand behind someone you would actually want to be in a group with. Again, if you can see the creatures, just move your gun arm away from them as you are going past. That’s pretty much all the advice I have.

Anyway, Biohazard the Real was one of the most awesome things I have ever done, so if you are a fan, I highly recommend it. You can also take a fabulous souvenir photo (1500 yen) in the gift shop.

If you managed to get to the second stage, please let me know about it in the comments!



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