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Nude N’ Rude Clothing


Yesterday I went shopping in Marui One Shinjuku, an alternative fashion department store that will unfortunately be closing at the end of September (29th) 2013. Some of the brands from the store will move to one floor of the nearby Marui Annex building, but there will definitely be a lot less choice. This is a shame, as it will make it necessary to go to Harajuku or the individual brand’s flagship store. A sad day for alternative fashion in Shinjuku, but with the real estate prices around the San-chome area growing, this comes as no surprise.

One of the stores that will not be moving to Annex is Nude N’ Rude, and this is a real shame. The only store I’ve seen that boasts a full range of Steampunk clothing, this brand also offers its items at a fraction of the price of other shops in Marui. They have a range of corsets for around 6000-8000 yen, which is less than half the price of those sold by other brands. These are however plastic boned, not steel boned, so should be worn as more of a fashion statement rather than out of the desire to make your waist appear a lot smaller. Their designs are also a lot more imaginative and unique compared to the monotone steel boned waspies sold by other goth loli brands, and they had a few classic burlesque offerings as well.


Nude ‘N Rude also import other brands as well as sell their own creations. They sell cute frilly baby doll dresses with macabre designs, and a range of bottoms, boleros and leggings as well as tops. I think their clothes are more original than the carbon copy of the same dress with a slightly different print seen between other brands, so I would definitely recommend them for people who have a unique style and like to customise their outfits. Check out their site for more info and a web store, which is surprisingly available in English. Yay!


Their flagship store is in Kichijoji, so after Marui shuts, you can find them there.


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