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Diamond Cutter

Diamond Cutter is a monthly women only event held in Shinjuku Nichome’s club Arch on the second Saturday of the month. As Arch will be closing soon, I’m not sure where the event will move to, but it should still be in the same area. Perhaps someone will just take over Arch and open it under a new name, which is what happened to the club currently known as the Isotope Lounge.

The entry fee is 3000 yen for visitors, 2700 with a flyer and 2000 for people adhering to the dress code, which changes every month. The entry fee includes 1 free drink, and unlimited re-entry to the club, which other monthly events like GF charge for. Flyers can be found at most bars and cafes in the area. To get in, you must be over 20 and bring a valid ID. Once inside, the drinks start at 600 yen for beer, and cocktails are around 700-800 yen each. There are also shots of tequila brought around by the staff that you can haggle for. We managed to get 3 for 1000, when they were initially 500 yen each.

Any excuse to get the host hair.

Any excuse to get the host hair.

The event attracts a younger clientele than some of the others, and I like it because there’s always a sizable visual kei crowd with awesome host hair. Everyone is very friendly and you can easily find people that speak English and make friends even if you are by yourself. If you’re a foreigner, you’re bound to get some awesome compliments too. So far I was told that I look like Shane, Angelina Jolie and Audrey Hepburn (because they all look so alike hahaha). Why thank you, Japan, for a super self-esteem boost.

There’s always at least one show per night. These range from drag queen performances to burlesque dancers and are always entertaining. There are also go go dancers and pole dancers entertaining the crowd throughout the night.  Diamond Cutter also has a system where each person gets a safety pin with a number card, and there are plastic pockets on one of the walls with all the numbers, so if you’re too shy to talk to someone, you can just write them a message. The event usually finishes around 5, by which time some trains should already be running.

If you’re not convinced of how awesome this event is yet, their next party’s theme is… wait for it… a bikini Christmas party. You get the dress code discount if you come in a bikini or in a Santa outfit. Now, I went to their last bikini party and they had a paddling pool that we totally got to sit in when we asked nicely, which was a relief as the club gets unbearably hot during the summer months. Last night’s theme was maids and butlers, and I felt comfortable in a long sleeved shirt and waistcoat. The music also changes depending on the theme. Last night started off with some visual kei, but later on in the night the DJs seemed to revert to the usual line-up of dance hits and remixes.

December 2013 event flyer.

December 2013 event flyer.

The only downside of the event is that Japan allows smoking indoors, so the premises get really smoky, and you will definitely need to wash your clothes after because you will walk out smelling like an ashtray. Although I guess if Japan banned smoking indoors, people here would live until they were around 150, and the government definitely doesn’t want that.

The event also has a women only bar, Diamond Holic,  which is also in Nichome. It’s free to get into (they used to charge 1000), with all drinks at 800 yen and food at 500 yen. I’ll be sure to write more about it in another post.

If you only want to go to one girls’ event, you should definitely choose Diamond Cutter. I think it is by far the best.


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  1. […] have previously written about Diamond Cutter here, but thought I’d let you know about the upcoming venue change and the subsequent pricing […]

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