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Club Arch is closing, Diamond Cutter is moving!

I have previously written about Diamond Cutter here, but thought I’d let you know about the upcoming venue change and the subsequent pricing changes.

This coming weekend sees the final parties at Nichome’s longest-running club venue, Arch, before it closes its doors. So from February, Diamond Cutter will be joining the other girls events around the corner at the Aisotope Lounge.

February 2014 flyer

February 2014 flyer

February will see the usual Valentine theme, giving dress up discounts to those in red. But the dress up discount isn’t as worthwhile as it used to be. Before, if you dressed up you only had to pay 2000 yen and got a drink ticket. Now, you still pay 2000 yen, but there are no drinks included, so your base expenditure has gone up by whatever Aiso charges for your drink of choice. Also gone is the flyer discount, which wasn’t much in the first place, so it doesn’t make that much of a difference, and saves you having to hunt for flyers beforehand. I guess they wanted to eliminate dealing with 100 yen coins. The visitor price has been reduced to 2500, but again this doesn’t include a drink so you will be spending the same 3000 you did before. Seeing as the venue has clearly had a say in the door prices, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did the same thing I saw at Boyish Friend back in August, where they charge you 500 yen if you want to leave the venue and come back. We’ll have to see if this is the club rule or decided by the event organisers themselves.

The bright side? Two rooms, so more space, and it definitely doesn’t get as smoky as Arch did, so we will just have to see what DC does with the new venue. I’m definitely looking forward to finding out.


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