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With Bunny Cafe & Museum

Bunny snuggle time!

Bunny snuggle time!

With Bunny “Museum” is another variation on the popular animal cafes around the city. A fluffier spin on the usual cat cafe, With Bunny actually lets you pick the bunnies up, put them on your knees, and hug them. So if you’d like a more snuggle filled experience than with cats who ignore you unless you buy them some food, this is the place to go.

So cute!

So cute!

Located a 5 minute walk from Asakusa station, and pretty close to one of Tokyo’s main attractions – Senso-ji temple, it is easy to fit this cafe into your visit. It’s open from 12 to 7 daily. The cost to enter the place to look at the bunnies is 500 yen. If you want to get a bunny to play with, you have to pay depending on how long you want to stay, starting with 1000 yen for half an hour per bunny. They have various floors and rooms, so you can pay extra if you want access to a specific room, but you can play with the bunnies on the first floor for free. The place is pretty tiny though, so on weekends be prepared to wait. They also have a menu of optional extras, like drinks and a photo with the bunny. We thought this meant a commemorative polaroid, so we got it, but it was just a member of staff who took a photo of both of us with the bunny using our phones. Since you can take as many photos of the bunny yourself, I’d suggest not bothering with this one.

Look at my adorable legs!

Look at my adorable legs!

They have a huge selection of bunnies of all colours and fur length, and you can choose any one you like. This is like playing Russian Roulette though, as you can’t really predict their behavior. The bunny we got was friendly and quiet but curious. He was a lot of fun to play with. Unfortunately for the couple across from us, their bunny kept trying to escape as well as pooping and peeing everywhere, so they spent most of their visit trying to placate it and clean up its mess. So I guess you never know until you try. Regardless of their behavior, I think that hugging the bunny and spending time with it is definitely worth the visit. Just wear some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! And if you enjoyed yourself so much you don’t want the fun to stop, you can even buy a bunny to take home with you. Maybe this is the place where you’ll meet your dream pet!


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