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Vampire Cafe

I thought Vampires were supposed to dislike crosses?

I thought Vampires were supposed to dislike crosses?

The Vampire Cafe in Ginza is another fabulous entry in the themed restaurant series in Tokyo. The head vampire here is called Rose, and he is fantastic on every level. He also happens to have his own band, and is an avid twitter user. Most of the patrons in this establishment are female, and they come here purely to see Rose. The waitresses are also pretty adorable, with their custom fangs and red contact lenses as well as cute french maid uniforms.

A goth's wet dream.

A goth’s wet dream.

The decor makes great use of red velvet curtains, where tables for 2 are separated from the main room. The biggest table is a glass top set over a coffin. The 15 year old goth in me died a little here.

IMG_5909Like other theme restaurants this one boasts some great theme drinks and food. Expect crosses, bats, and anything else associated with vampires before Twilight went and ruined it for an entire generation.

IMG_2742They definitely put in a lot of effort into the presentation, and there are some satisfying beverages with fabulous names to choose from.


There is a 500 yen table charge, and the prices are not the cheapest but pretty standard for a theme establishment in Tokyo. I’d say it’s definitely worth a visit for any goth, current or former as well as someone just looking for something different after spending a day gawking at overpriced department stores in Ginza.


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