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Biohazard The Escape

Biohazard The Escape

As with all the previous Biohazard attractions at USJ, I made my way to Osaka one fine weekend, and this time it was seriously worth the trip. What makes Escape different from the previous 2 installments is that it is an escape game, where you have a time limit to solve the puzzles through a […]

Biohazard The Real 2

You heard it here first! Biohazard the Real, a live action Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios Japan is coming back on August 8th 2014. USJ tweeted: 最強の武器 ショットガンを手に、ゾンビに立ち向かえ!生還率、限りなく0 %の興奮と絶望、再び。【バイオハザード・ザ・リアル 2】、8/8(金)より期間限定開催決定!詳細は⇒ eng.mg/1c385 #USJ pic.twitter.com/caZMEEc62L If you don’t read Japanese, the only thing you need to know is that this time, YOU GET A SHOTGUN! Time […]

Biohazard The Real

When I tried to search for information about Biohazard the Real online, there really wasn’t much there, so I decided to make this blog, and maybe help people who want to get to the second stage. Biohazard the Real is a live action version of the Resident Evil games (called Biohazard in Japan) currently running […]